12 Questions to Ask Your Cremation Provider

12 Questions to Ask Your Cremation Provider

Cremation is one of the most affordable choices for end-of-life arrangements, but prices can vary quite a bit between various providers. As you look at options, keep in mind that companies tend to price their services differently. Here are some tips to help you compare cremation costs.

Questions For Cremation Provider

Make Sure You’re Comparing Similar Packages

When looking at cremation costs, you need to ensure you are comparing the same types of services. For example, if one company gives you a quote for simple cremation services and another gives you a quote for body preparation, embalming, viewing, and cremation, the second quote is generally going to be a lot higher.

As you talk with different companies, ask what is included at each price level so you can be sure that you are comparing apples with apples.

Keep Quality in Mind

Although price is certainly a factor, you want to be sure that you are working with a reputable crematory. Talk with your friends and family to see who they recommend. Also consider looking at Google reviews and checking a company’s rating. These ratings and reviews can give you some insight about the quality other people have experienced.

Onsite Crematory vs Outsourced

Your loved one stays in our care at Schaudt Funeral Service. Exclusively for the families we serve. We guarantee this for our families so that they can have peace of mind and certainty about where their loved one is.

Some are on-site, but others may contract with a third party provider to transport your loved one to a central or contracted crematory, which serves many cremation service providers. We perform cremations on-site at our Glenpool and Okmulgee locations with our brand new, state-of-the-art crematory. Our crematory is reserved only for the families we serve.

Talk with a Specialist

In a lot of cases, funeral homes offer cremation as a secondary service, and in some cases, funeral homes may even be reluctant to let you know about the price of simple cremation services. However, under the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule, funeral homes are legally required to provide you with the cost of simple cremation as well as a range of other services. To sidestep these issues, you may want to select a facility that focuses on cremation.

Consider Related Costs

There are some costs that go beyond what is listed by the funeral home. For example, if you or your family members have to travel to the funeral home, you are likely to incur more expenses than you would if you chose a funeral home close to home. Similarly, if you plan to have the ashes interred, you may want to consider costs related to traveling from the crematorium to the cemetery.

Remember to Value Your Time

If you are comparing cremation costs as you pre-plan your own arrangements, remember your time is valuable. If a company makes the process faster and easier for you, you may want to select their services.

At Schaudt’s, our cremation costs are 40-80% lower than traditional funeral homes in the area. We also offer an easy, online four-step preplanning service for our clients. Contact us today at 866-746-CARE. Our motto is “cremation services made simple”, and we would love to help you and your family.

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