The Final Wishes Organizer

The Final Wishes Organizer simplifies everything for your family. Instead of making decisions and wondering what you might prefer. They hold the gift of your thoughtfulness and choices in their hands. The final wishes organizer includes a set of questions that you can ask yourself to figure out what’s important to you and have your loved ones know it after you are gone.


A final wishes organizer is a document that can help your loved ones know what matters most to you. Whether it’s an organ donor card or funeral plans. Also, there are many decisions that need to be made after you die. A final wishes organizer helps your family and friends make these decisions by guiding them through the process of making those important choices for you.


All About the Final Wishes Organizer


The final wishes organizer is in two parts: Part I contains the plan for after death; Part II holds details on funeral plans.


Part I of the final wishes organizer is a planning document for your death.


It has questions that will help you think about what you would like to have happened after you die. The answers will help your loved ones know what matters most to you. Whether it’s an organ donor card or funeral plans, Part I is the part of the final wishes organizer where all this information goes.


Part II of the final wishes organizer is a guide for making decisions now so that there will be less to worry about after death.


After writing down everything in Part I, use Part II to keep track of any other important issues such as who takes care of your children if you die before they become full-time adults (if this concerns you). Or who will pay your bills or take care of your pets. There is also a section in Part II that helps decide what to do with things you might want to give away, like the house you would leave to your children.


A final wishes organizer can be very helpful and give much peace of mind to family members. You can make a copy of this final wishes organizer for each member of your family so family members have everything at hand when they are making decisions after you die. It’s a good idea to have several copies made so people can keep them current as changes occur in their lives and other details are added. Putting this information together in one place may seem too overwhelming now, but it’s really worth it.


Everything you need to know about making final arrangements can be found on this one page.


How to Organize & Share Your Final Wishes?


The final wishes organizer has questions about your preferences, opinions and feelings on a variety of topics regarding life, death and afterlife. The questions go into detail to help you think through the issues that are most important to you. Topics include who will take care of your children if you die before they grow up full-time (if this concerns you) and what is the name of your church or building where you want to be buried.


You can make a list of people who would be important in your last days. Write down any final messages you want to pass on, or choose the music you want. You can also set up email alerts for things like blood pressure readings and weight changes which will help remind loved ones to take care of each other during difficult times.


The Final Wishes Organizer brings into one place all of the important documents and decisions that pertain to your final wishes. When thoroughly completed, this organizer will contain about 95% of all the information necessary to make funeral arrangements and will be one of the most valuable documents you or your family could ever have.


What are the reasons for creating a final wishes planner?


There are many reasons to create a final wishes planner. One of the most common reasons is so that your loved ones know what you want, and don’t have any unpleasant surprises at the end of life.


A final wishes planner can be a one-time or ongoing service for different stages. In life, as needed with all instructions on how they should proceed including things like funeral arrangements, managing finances, burial plots, and more!


Your wishes will be recorded and documented so that they’ll know exactly how to make all necessary arrangements for when the time comes. Put together a list with items like medical directives or funeral plans as well as any other preferences such as music choices at memorial services


Can you put funeral wishes in your will?


Including your funeral wishes in a will or trust does not mean that it is the only way to go. It’s about deciding how you would like certain things done when you die. Usually, by the time this document has been found and read. Most of these decisions have already been made for us.”


Are wishes in a will legally binding?


A letter of wishes is drawn up alongside your final testament. Unlike many other countries where such documents are compulsory if an individual chooses their last words carefully enough. The wishes in a will are not legally binding. But, it can provide guidance for people who may be inheriting your estate.


What types of information should be included?


The type of information that needs to be included depends on whether the document covers financial planning or just final arrangements such as burial, etc.


How does the final wishes organizer work?

  • Write down all the things that matter most to you. This could be specific information that will help people like a copy of your organ donor card or doctor’s name, relevant phone numbers or even funeral arrangements. Be sure to include all the information they may need for these decisions.
  • Consider who might need this information in case something happens to you and how soon do you want them to have it available. Asking someone too early might make them uncomfortable and vise versa.
  • If possible, have the document notarized and ask multiple people to hold onto a copy in case of untimely death.
  • Update your final wishes organizer as time goes by and if there is any change in your health or you become involved with an even more serious medical condition.
  • Read it over periodically to make sure it’s up to date and complete so that you can pass on what is important to you after you die.

Other helpful hints:

The following list gives advice from Steve Dunn, author of Final Wishes: A Lively Way to Organize Your End of Life Affairs. He says: “It should include every major aspect of your life - including personal, financial, business, family and medical wishes.”


  • Keep it in a place where you will see it regularly so that you can be sure to update it if any of the information needs changing.
  • Get other people involved. If you live with someone, have them read over the document with you from time to time to make sure things are up to date. Have friends who know what your wishes are? Have them keep a copy in case something happens to you unexpectedly.
  • Do not sign anything else for three months after you buy your final wishes organizer, just in case your situation changes before then and an issue comes up that affects what is written there; then change it as necessary.
  • Ask multiple people including one close friend or family member to hold onto a copy of the final wishes organizer. They will have access to it in case something happens to you, and it can help prevent disputes among your loved ones.
  • Do not let financial constraints deter you from making this decision when the time is right. You never know what could happen in an accident or death. It’s best to be prepared if it does occur.


We understand that planning for the end of life can be difficult, but we're here to help. Our Advance Funeral Planners are experts in helping people complete their Final Wishes Organizer and these planners have filled out over 3 million forms since they began assisting with funeral arrangements 20 years ago! Fill out a form today to receive your complimentary consultation from one of our professionals who will walk you through what needs to be done- it's easier than you think! Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about how we could assist with this process.


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