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At Schaudt's Funeral Service & Cremation Care Centers, our family believes in the value of creating healing and meaningful ceremonies. Our staff has been serving families with a combined experience of over 100 years, helping families during the most difficult time in their lives. We offer the kind of care that has set the standard for quality funeral service in our community. Our staff knows there will be families who need our help, that's why we are available to talk with you about a service that will honor your loved one without causing additional financial burden. Call us at 918-523-5757 or you can visit us at 5757 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74145.

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Choosing Between a Traditional Funeral and Cremation Service in Tulsa, OK

The death of a loved one can happen so suddenly. When it happens, it can leave a family with the difficult task of planning and holding a service that will meet the needs of the deceased, and the needs of the surviving family and friends. Schaudt's Funeral Service & Cremation Care Centers understands that every family has unique preferences and constraints. That’s why we provide a wide variety of funeral and cremation choices in Tulsa, OK.

There is much to consider when choosing between a traditional funeral service with earth burial and cremation service with scattering, mausoleum internment, or keeping the urn and ashes with you at home. So, what are the benefits of each choice? And how can you know which is right for your fallen loved one and your family?

If you’d like to discuss the matter in detail with a funeral care professional, we would be glad to help you explore these thoughts further. We also recommend checking whether preneed funeral arrangements were made. In the meantime, we suggest you consider the following information carefully as you decide what is right for you and your family:

Advantages of Traditional Funerals

Choosing this option has many benefits to a family and friends of the deceased. Traditional full-service funerals provide for a viewing experience, a funeral ceremony, and often include a graveside service at the final resting place.

  • The viewing: Also known as visitation hours or a wake service. Those who gather together for a viewing service find great support gathering with the mortal remains of their loved one, and conversing with others about their life and passing. It also affords people with the opportunity to see the body, and to recognize that their death really has occurred. This can help to initiate the grieving process that can come with death and loss.
  • The funeral ceremony: Done well, the funeral ceremony is a chance to gather with fellow mourners to remember the life, character, stories, and accomplishments of the deceased. Life celebrations are a powerful way to find meaning in the life that has been completed, and to internalize the good that the person has brought into the world.
  • The graveside service: Sometimes reserved for a more intimate family-only service, this act of committing the body into the earth allows survivors to pay their last respects and bid a final farewell to their loved one. It can also serve as a reminder of the awe-inspiring experience this mortal journey offers each one of us. We are only here for a fleeting period before our bodies are returned to dust and earth. Grave markers and headstones mark the place where we can return again and again to visit the deceased. In sorrow, this can be a wonderful and sacred experience.

Advantages of Cremation Care

Selecting a funeral and cremation service in Tulsa, OK for the deceased can provide several benefits that a traditional funeral service cannot provide.

  • Cost: Cremations are less expensive. The needs of the living go on, and the cost burden of a funeral can be a heavy burden for survivors to bear. Choosing a cremation service can be a wise choice when financial constraints are a concern.
  • Earth-friendly: Unless there will be a viewing before cremation occurs, the body does not need to be embalmed. This means there are no preserving chemicals in the body that in time can pollute the earth. Additionally, there are less copper, metal, and funeral goods placed into the earth like there is in a traditional earth burial.
  • Portability: Cremations reduce the body to ash, which does not necessarily need to be buried in the earth. This makes it portable. If you move to a new location, the ashes can come with you in a beautiful urn. Or, if preferred the ashes can be scattered in a meaningful location.
  • Memorial service:

Trusted Funeral and Cremation Service in Tulsa, OK

It can be difficult to know who you should call for help when a death has occurred. There are many providers to choose from and important choices to make regarding the care and disposition of your loved one’s mortal remains. When someone has passed away, the entire family will feel a tremendous loss. The funeral service is an opportunity for those left behind to pay their respects and show honor in death by respecting traditions that have been set out before them during this difficult period of grief - but it can provide some lighthearted moments too! It's important what you wear at the funeral as well as how people see us while celebrating your loved one’s life.

Schaudt's Funeral Service & Cremation Care Centers understands the dilemma that many families face in their time of need. We strive to help the families we serve by presenting their choices and answering their questions. Your experience planning a funeral and cremation in Tulsa, OK should be a positive and memorable one. If you’ve lost a loved one and need support, speak to one of our compassionate funeral directors at 5757 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74145. Our staff is ready to answer your phone call at (918) 523-5757.

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