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Making Difficult Decisions: Funeral and Cremation Care in Owasso, OK

We often receive phone calls from people who have lost someone close to them and don’t know what to do next. Death is not something most families deal with every day, so it is quite understandable when they call us for guidance on funeral and cremation planning in Owasso, OK. In fact, we feel privileged to help them in their time of need. No matter what time of day or night, we always answer the call to serve.

So how should you go about planning a service? There are no right or wrong answers here. It really depends on what you and your family want. Of course, there are considerations to be made, such as whether or not the deceased left any prearranged instructions in the event of their death. Other considerations may include cultural or faith traditions that you wish to observe, as well as any budgetary constraints. But there are no firm requirements here. You and your family can plan a funeral and cremation in Owasso, OK in the way that will best serve the needs of your family and deceased loved one.

Funeral and Cremation Choices in Owasso, OK

Some families ask us to help them plan and conduct a traditional funeral. Full-service funerals usually include a viewing, a funeral ceremony, and a graveside committal service. Your family can add or remove to this funeral format as desired. The body of the deceased is embalmed before the viewing or funeral is held.

Other families prefer to hold a non-traditional funeral service which may include cremation care and a memorial service for family and friends. Memorials are similar to funerals in purpose and function. The only difference is the body of the deceased is not present at the service. The ashes may be present, if desired.

Life Celebrations

Both funeral and memorial services should be focused on honoring the memory of your loved one. Many of the family and friends who come to pay their respects are seeking comfort in their loss. If the funeral or memorial service is not personalized to celebrate the life of the deceased, it can be an almost meaningless occasion to those who attend. In fact, it can even be hurtful. Surviving family and friends want to remember their fallen loved one, who they were, their life accomplishments, their character and personality, and their stories. They loved this person in life; it is important to celebrate that love in death.

Points to Consider

When a loved one dies, and you begin searching for a funeral care provider, be sure to consider these important details:

Experience: Depending on your family’s needs, it is a good idea to double check that the funeral care provider you choose is experienced in the services you want. Like every professional service provider, experience levels vary depending on the provider’s years and opportunities working in their industry. Funeral directors and attending staff are no different. Some funeral homes specialize in select funeral service types. Some are well versed in afterlife care for a wide variety of cultural and religious traditions.

Prices: Financial constraints are an important part of funeral planning. It is important to review the general price list of the funeral homes that you are evaluating to hire. By law, all providers must make their prices available to the public. Be sure the funeral home is providing good value at a price you are comfortable paying.

Products: Funeral homes usually offer merchandise related to the services they provide. If you wish to do so, you can buy caskets, vaults, urns, keepsakes, flowers, and preneed arrangement services. Some care providers can also sell you headstones and grave markers, or they will be able to help you locate a quality monument provider if the need arises. There is no requirement to purchase any product from the funeral home; it is simply a convenience for customers.

Venue & Facility: If you wish to hold a viewing or services at the funeral home, take a moment to review their building. Do they have an adequately sized funeral chapel to accommodate the anticipated number of mourners? Is it located in a convenient location for friends and family to gather?

Here When It Matters Most

Schaudt's Funeral Service & Cremation Care Centers has been blessed to serve our community for over a century. Our team of funeral care directors and staff are well experienced in caring for the deceased and their surviving family and friends. They can guide you and your family to navigate the difficult decisions that may arise as you begin to plan a funeral or memorial service for your loved one. When it matters most, we want to help your family to plan a beautiful funeral and cremation in Owasso, OK. See us at 5757 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74145. You can call us day or night at (918) 523-5757.

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