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Every family and individual deals with grief and death in their own way. Some families seek comfort in their cultural and faith traditions. Other families seek solace in less traditional ways, customizing funeral and memorial ceremonies to reflect their modern values. Here at Schaudt's Funeral Service & Cremation Care Centers, we believe it is important to support families in their preferred funeral and cremation care in Jenks, OK. There is no wrong way to plan and conduct a funeral or memorial service. Regardless of whether you would like a traditional or modern funeral service, our funeral care professionals are well qualified to serve you in the unique way that will best serve you and respect the wishes of your deceased loved one.

Making Funeral Arrangements

From the moment of your first phone call, our team of compassionate funeral professionals will be your support team. We will sit down with you at the right moment and help you make the important decisions that need to be made. For example, we will ask questions such as, do you wish to hold a public or private funeral ceremony? Where should the ceremony take place? Do you wish to have an earth burial or cremation? Are there any readings that would be appropriate and wanted? If desired, what cultural and religious elements should be included? What else would add meaning and personalization to the services?

Our funeral directors and staff are caring individuals, and want to help your family plan and prepare the best funeral service possible. Behind the scenes, much of the support we provide is involved with preparing legal paperwork, coordinating cemetery and internment staff, arranging vendor support services, scheduling transportation, and managing the care and custody of your loved one’s mortal remains.

A lot is happening in the background. Our job is to take care of these vital details, so you and your family can spend time together in your grief, rather than caught up in the pressing logistics of event planning of a funeral and cremation service in Jenks, OK. Time to mourn with family and friends of the deceased is so important to the healing process.

Full-Service Funeral and Cremation Service in Jenks, OK

Schaudt's Funeral Service & Cremation Care Centers is a highly qualified funeral care provider offering full-service options to our community. We make it a point to help our customers in their healing journey by providing meaningful afterlife care and compassionate support. Some of the more unique services we offer include:

  • Preneed: For those who wish to prepare in advance of any funeral need, we offer a locked in pricing and services. The very act of preplanning and paying for a funeral or memorial service is one of love. Your surviving family members will be grateful for your preparation. There will be no guesswork about how you want your afterlife care to be handled. This fact alone lifts a heavy burden off of their shoulders.
  • Headstones and Grave Markers: We offer beautiful monuments to our customers as part of our services. A professional can help you design a headstone or grave marker to your preferences in material, shape, quality, and engraved details.
  • Life Celebrations: Your fallen loved one is one of a kind and should be celebrated for the life they lived. Our team of funeral professionals believes that funerals should be personalized in memory of the deceased. By creating a funeral service that honors your loved one’s life, survivors are more likely to find greater meaning in their death.
  • Funeral Services: You have options when it comes to planning and conducting the funeral you wish to hold for your lost loved one. When it comes to caring for the dead, our professional team of funeral directors are experts in a variety of culture and faith traditions.
  • Military Rites: Those who serve our nation deserve our highest respect in death. We can arrange and provide funeral care befitting of our veterans’ sacrifice for us all.
  • Cremation Care: There are several ways that people choose to include cremation service in the disposition of the deceased. Some choose direct cremation for their lost loved one with no ceremony; others choose cremation with a memorial service after the cremation has occurred. Whatever you choose, we can help your family choose the service that best meets your needs and the wishes of the deceased.

Schaudt’s Glenpool-Bixby Funeral Services & Cremation Care Centers has been caring for the families of our community for more than one hundred years. We are honored to live among our friends and neighbors and serve them in their time of need. When your family needs help with funeral and cremation care in Jenks, OK, see us at 1329 E 151st St S, Glenpool, OK 74033. You can call anytime, day or night at (918) 291-1700.

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