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Schaudt’s Glenpool-Bixby Funeral Services & Cremation Care Centers helps you preserve the unique legacy of your loved ones through ceremony and care. We've been serving families for over a decade. Not only do we offer affordable, dignified funeral and cremation services, we also provide audiovisual equipment, graphic design services, reception facilities, and catering services so you can create an event that will be long remembered. Call us at 918-291-1700 or visit us at 1329 E 151st St S, Glenpool, OK 74033.

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Funeral and Cremation in Glenpool, OK: Selecting the Right Care Provider

Death is a part of life. That doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when someone close to us dies. It can be an emotionally trying time for those who knew and loved the deceased. That’s where the support of an experienced funeral home can be a great service to the family. But with several funeral and cremation service providers in Glenpool, OK, which one will best serve the needs of your family?

As you begin the process of choosing a funeral home for needed service, it’s always wise to do a little homework before you commit to any one care provider. Here are a few things to evaluate as you reach out to them:

  • Services: Most funeral providers can provide a variety of services. But it is not as common for them to be qualified to provide every service that may arise. For example, some funeral home’s do not have an onsite crematory. When cremation service is requested, they provide it to customers by contracting with a third party. This may not be an issue, but it is good to understand the behind the scenes care that is happening with the mortal remains of your loved one.
  • Prices: Every funeral home is required by law to publish a general price list for services. Prices will vary across the providers. Some will be more competitive in some service areas than others. This is not unusual. It speaks to each provider’s specialty and competitive advantage. The important thing is that you know you’re receiving a valuable service at a reasonable cost when compared to other providers in the area.
  • Venue: Funeral home’s come in all shapes and sizes. Some are modern facilities with current technology and furnishings; others are less so. All providers will be clean and tidy. As you review the venue, make sure you understand what your priorities are. Is it necessary to have a large or smaller gathering space? Do you need a banquet area for a family meal after the services? Is there a chapel onsite with adequate seating?
  • Location: If the funeral is held onsite, the funeral home should be located in reasonable proximity to the deceased’s community of family and friends. Ideally, it should also be conveniently located close to the family member that will be coordinating details with the funeral and cremation provider in Glenpool, OK
  • Experience: You’ll want to make certain the funeral team can handle the specifics of the deceased’s cultural and faith traditions, if any. Does the funeral team understand the funeral details of these important customs and beliefs? Additionally, can the funeral team accommodate your family for any unique requests? Be sure to ask these questions.
  • Customization: Without personalization of the services, a funeral or memorial service can be empty and hollow. This can cause great pain to the family and friends of the deceased, who knew this person in life. It is essential that a funeral care provider make this a priority. Ask questions about how they will go about the process of customizing a funeral service to reflect the life of your loved one.
  • Compatibility: As you talk and interact with a funeral director, do you feel they are a good fit? Do they listen and treat you with respect? Are they caring and interested in helping you to plan and conduct a funeral or memorial service that will honor your fallen loved one?

Full-Service Funeral and Cremation Team in Glenpool, OK

Here at Schaudt's Funeral Service & Cremation Care Centers, we believe the life of every unique individual should be celebrated in a funeral. Life Celebrations are an essential means to help the deceased’s surviving family and friends to begin the healing process. Each life has meaning and should be honored accordingly.

As part of our full-service offering, we can provide the families in our community with a range of services, including full-service funerals complete with a viewing, funeral ceremony, and graveside committal service. We can also provide cremation care. We often provide cremation with a memorial service, or even simple cremation services when requested. However, we recommend every life be acknowledged in remembrance through a ceremony that will honor them for who they were on this earth.

We can provide preneed planning to those who seek to plan and pay for a funeral in advance. We also assist families with the design and creation of headstones and grave markers.

Schaudt’s Glenpool-Bixby Funeral Services & Cremation Care Centers has been serving the families of our community for over a century. It is our great privilege to provide dignified care to all who call on us to do so. If your family needs funeral and cremation care in Glenpool, OK let us be your provider. Our office is located at 1329 E 151st St S, Glenpool, OK 74033. Call anytime, day or night at (918) 291-1700 for service.

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