Grave Markers

Grave Markers

Our mission at Legacy Monument Company is to provide a line of memorial products with the best possible value and the highest level of customer satisfaction without the pressures associated when dealing with a salesperson. We are committed to providing our customers with 24/7 access to a variety of cemetery memorial products to meet your needs, and the information necessary to make an informed purchase.

Most of our memorials are in-stock and ready to be engraved and shipped upon ordering. We stock only the best granite in the industry and feel we are unbeatable in terms of quality. Each of our memorial product lines are available in any style or color by order.


Celebrating Life with the Beauty and Durability of Granite and Bronze


All About Grave Markers

It takes a lot of work to make a good headstone. Grave markers must be cut by hand from large blocks which can take three days or more depending on the size. The shape of the stone must be chosen according to the style. It takes several weeks to complete each headstone because they have to carve all of the details by hand.

Manufacturers of grave markers use a variety of materials including granite, marble, limestone, and sandstone. These grave markers must be set into the earth or placed into a gravesite.

Process of Creating a Headstone

When a manufacturer receives an order from a family, they begin by carefully inspecting each detail provided to them. After verifying that everything is correct, they produce a sketch of what the finished product will look like before actually creating it. After reviewing the sketch, the manufacturer will then go ahead and create a prototype to ensure that it meets their standards before they move on to creating a full-size piece. Manufacturers of grave markers typically offer two types of grave markers: pre-made and custom-made. Pre-made grave markers are simply ready-to-go designs that can be bought without any customization options. Customized grave markers allow you to choose your grave marker 's shape, size, and design.

Different Types of Grave markers

There are several different types of grave markers available depending on what type of marker you'd like created. The styles of grave markers include flat grave markers, upright grave markers, vertical grave markers, slant-face grave markers, obelisk grave markers, horizontal headstones, and flush headstones.

Flat grave markers

Flat grave markers are made from granite or bronze and lay flat on the ground while upright grave markers stand up straight.

Upright grave marker

An upright grave marker can be made from marble, granite, or limestone and is either engraved with a design or has raised lettering on the grave marker.

Vertical grave markers

Vertical grave markers refer to marble or limestone markers that have an obelisk shape that stands up vertically from the ground.

Slant-face grave marker

The slant-face grave marker angles away from the ground so it is sometimes called an angle-face grave marker . This type of grave marker is often made of marble, granite, or limestone.

Obelisk grave markers

An obelisk grave marker is usually made from marble, but can also be found in granite and limestone since it has an obelisk shape that stands vertically from the gravesite.

Horizontal grave marker

A horizontal grave marker has a flat grave marker and is used for grave markers that need to fit around the grave maker's grave maker 's casket.

Flush Headstone

A flush headstone is a flat or mostly flat grave marker that rests flush against the ground.

Other grave markers can also include smaller headstones, which can have different meanings depending on the culture from which they come.

If you're looking for a unique way to memorialize your loved one, headstones and grave markers can be customized in any shape or size. From the type of stone used to the design on it, many different factors go into creating a custom-made marker. And if you don't know what would work best for you, just ask! Let us know how we can help you!


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