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Designing Your Ceremony

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We believe in creating healing and meaningful ceremonies that tell the unique story of each person we serve.




We offer both traditional and modern ceremony options and actively look for ways to personalize and tailor your ceremony to your family and community’s needs.


Our funeral arrangers listen closely to your story and situation to help you find the ceremony that best honors your loved one. They will also help you select special photographs and find ways to incorporate significant memories, favorite items, and symbolic elements into the ceremony.

Why Ceremony is Important


Each life is unique and has meaning, that’s why we offer ceremonies that reflect the life lived and begin the healing process for families. We invite you to learn more by viewing this video

Online Obituary


Our website offers the ability to create a permanent online memorial for your loved one. You can post their life’s story, share photos and service information through via email or social media.

Current Obituaries

Online Flower Shop


Our online flower shop makes sending flowers personal and simple. We guarantee that our flowers will be fresh, beautiful, and delivered on-time.

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Video Tribute


A photo or video slideshow are especially meaningful parts of the ceremony. Our chapel and gathering room are able to feature your presentation and your funeral arranger can connect you with a tribute service.

Video Tribute Information

Personalized Printing

From the register book and memorial folders to prayer cards and thank-you notes, our high-quality stationery sets are available in over 500 themes to honor your loved one’s hobbies, style, and unique life path. Let us help you explore the options and choose the perfect design to create treasured keepsakes for you and your guests.


Memory Keeper


This special keepsake box brings with it a powerful experience to each ceremony. It collects and holds memories written down by guests at your loved one’s funeral, creating time for participation, personalizing, story-sharing and legacy