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Understanding Cremation

Throughout history, many cultures have chosen cremation as a method of caring for the dead. In fact, cremation is still a time honored tradition in many European and Eastern countries. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular in the U.S. and Canada. More people are choosing cremation today, simply as a matter of personal preference.

That is why Schaudt’s Funeral Service offers cremation services and a wide variety of cremation urns to choose from. Our sincere desire is to help you understand the choices and identify your preferences, so you can make an informed decision with confidence.



The Funeral and Memorial Service and Cremation

Just like burial, cremation can occur after a funeral where the casket is present at one's place of worship or a funeral chapel. The only real difference between a funeral followed by burial and one followed by cremation, is that the body is taken to the crematory after the service in lieu of a procession to the cemetery. As is customary, the funeral may be preceded by a period of visitation or a reception at the funeral home/mortuary. Following the funeral, the body is cremated in the casket or placed in a special cremation container if a rental casket was selected. After cremation, a public or private service may be arranged for the final placement of the cremated remains.

A memorial service, like a funeral, is a service of remembrance, only without the body present. It may be held at a place of worship, the funeral chapel or any other appropriate location. Your Schaudt’s Funeral Service funeral director will assist in planning and organizing the service, and provide the necessary staff to direct the service. The urn may be present for the memorial service, as the casket would be for a funeral. The family may hold a visitation or reception at the funeral home/mortuary with or without the presence of the body. Frequently, the body will be in a casket during this time for viewing, and then cremated before the memorial service. If cremation is to take place immediately following death, it is often possible to arrange a brief private time for the family to see the body prior to the memorial service. For many people this has important psychological value, allowing them a time to "say goodbye."



Direct Cremation

Schaudt’s Funeral Service offers every cremation option. Among these many options is the immediate, or direct cremation. Direct cremation is limited to the prompt cremation of the body following death, with no formal funeral or memorial services. Some funeral firms will require a family member or authorized party to at least verify the identity of the deceased before cremation. Because of the minimal amount of services needed with direct cremation, costs are less than a complete traditional funeral.



Life Legacy No-Cost Cremation

Consider tissue donation for high-end medical research and education. There are but a few accredited  programs and each program varies slightly in their donor acceptance parameters due in part, to the differing pools of research organizations with whom they each work. One item common to each of our donor programs; the family pays nothing, as there is No Charge to the family for the donation or subsequent cremation and timely return of the ashes.

Who benefits?
We all benefit from whole body donation for medical research and training, including our loved ones. Many diseases are hereditary, affecting siblings, children and grandchildren.

If you are interested in this type of program for yourself or a family member please contact us as at (918) 291-1700. We are the local experts on this subject and are well versed in the process.