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The Schaudt Difference

Quality Service. Best Value. Guaranteed.

What Makes Schaudt’s Funeral Service Different

We believe the most valuable thing we own cannot be seen or touched - it is the goodwill of people we have served and people who recommend us. We are one of the few remaining family owned and operated funeral homes serving the community. Unlike the large out-of-state chains that exist in the area (some who confuse the public by using "family" in their name!) we put your needs first (chains tend to serve stockholders and investors first). Because of this, people can't be sure of what to expect when they select a firm that they have not utilized before. My family and our staff associates are involved in the betterment of our community by being active in our faith communities, schools, charitable causes, and community boards.

You will find that our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and low-key. We really care about the people we serve and in doing things right. Our services continue in the months ahead with our bereavement support as a resource to people who are grieving. We also offer a complete pre-planning service which provides the peace of mind that the plans you make today will make things so much easier for your survivors (some may choose to pre-fund and lock in today's costs). There are no charges for these services.

We encourage people to visit our facilities, meet our staff, and compare. We emphasize personal service where there is usually just one person who follows through from the arrangements to the services. Our Licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers have earned a Bachelor of Science in Funeral Service where most only complete a certificate of completion or Associate degree. We comfortably carry out services for all religious denominations and cultural beliefs.

As funeral service professionals, every day we come to work we have the opportunity to make important differences in people's lives. Quite simply, this is our goal.

Commensurably, we are the only firm in the area to make the following guarantee:

Schaudt’s Funeral Service has the fairest prices and the widest range of choices in the area. Our staff is caring, considerate, and knowledgeable. Our facilities are modern and immaculate. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, we will reduce or eliminate the charge.

We appreciate your consideration.